Slice of Life

Unveil the extraordinary within 

The traveling slice of life portrait artist is dedicated to creating artistic and emotionally compelling portraits that stand the test of time. 

As a dedicated film photography enthusiast, I have honed my craft over the years to capture the essence and emotions of individuals through timeless portraits. My journey in photography has allowed me to develop a distinctive style that combines classic techniques with a contemporary touch, resulting in exquisite and evocative fine art portraits.


 Professional Portraits: Elegant and sophisticated portraits for professionals and artists.

 Individual Portraits: Personalized and artistic portraits for clients seeking unique self-expression.

 Family Portraits: Emotional and heartfelt portraits capturing cherished family moments.

Couple Portraits: Romantic and intimate portraits for couples commemorating their love.

Destination Portraits: Special sessions in picturesque locations for clients seeking stunning backdrops.

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Sessions starting at $250

100% film for timeless look 

Traveling fee outside the City of Chicago

Archival prints starting at $70 each

Photo albums starting at $40

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